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ABOUT US (Shhh! Ben Franklin and his friends shop here.)

Ben Franklin and his friends shop here?

They would have had the Internet existed back then.

Ben Franklin once said, "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote."

Has our Republic been feeling a little too much like a "democracy" lately? Is the stream of stories of flash mob violence, home invasions and violations of personal liberty making you sense that YOU might be the next course for lunch? Maybe it's time for you to consider exercising your Constitutional Rights under the Second Amendment. At Rocky Top Tactical our GOAL is to empower YOU with tools to protect your home and defend your liberty. Our MISSION is to make YOU a well-armed lamb.

Since 2011 Rocky Top Tactical has been providing great customer service to customers seeking top quality firearms at competitive prices.  Here is a sampling of comments by our customers:

"This was as smooth a transaction as could be! The firearm was exactly what they advertised. Communication was fast and friendly. They shipped fast. And to top it all off the price was great! YAY!"  . . . J Pettis

"This was the most professional group I have ever used . . . I would go out of my way to use them again. They shipped the same day plus no CC fees. They are AWESOME!!!!" . . . DD Wright

"Super customer service, took time to speak with me on the phone about various loads for the rifle. A real pleasure to buy from."
. . . B Thomas

"Outstanding folks and a first-rate transaction all-around. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with Rocky Top again. It was a pleasure." . . . J Sawyer

Here at Rocky Top Tactical we offer a comprehensive selection of firearms and non-lethal personal defense items, as well as the gear necessary to protect your home and defend your liberty. Among other brands we carry FNH, Sig Sauer, LWRCI, KRISS and SRM.

Rocky Top Tactical is a distributor of ELCAN Optical Sights and a Law Enforcement Dealer for FN USA and Sig Sauer.

Whether you are shopping for a pistol for concealed carry, a shotgun for home defense or an AR for 3-Gun competition, you can find what you need at Rocky Top Tactical.

So did Ben Franklin & his friends shop at Rocky Top Tactical?  They were a little before our time, but had there been an Internet in 1776, you can bet they would have.